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About us

We are a media and production company that offers a space for the mutual interaction of our client and his customer in the media. This is not just about TV, advertising, slogans. We propose an adequate target group for each message within the limits of a reasonably set investment.

Our mission

We offer exceptional media and marketing solutions where rationality, functionality and emotions intersect.

Media buying

We ensure the buy of a comprehensive media mix according to the type of product, targeting, budget and expected result:

A. Based on available data measuring the intervention and effectiveness of individual media types and consumer behaviour surveys

B. Using professional planning tools combined with many years of experience of our team

Media budget optimization

During the long-term campaign, we carry out regular, continuous monitoring, optimization of formats, times and intensity of communication.

Content creation as a brand presentation

Not only the place, but also the content and the way it is shared influence your brand or service. Our added value is the creation of content or a story of your brand, which means real value. All created content is 100% owned by the brand and you can continue to work with it on paid, own or partner platforms and communication channels.

Media mix optimization

Already within the planning, we effectively optimize media mix with the emphasis on the needs of your brand or product and the goals of the client. In combination with our advantageous position secured by long-term cooperation with all media (from largest media houses to small, independent media) and rich experience from many campaigns.

Strategic management of the communication budget

Our expert recommendations based on data and experience will streamline your advertising strategy in order to achieve the best results from the budgets allocated for campaigns.

Strategic brand management

Do you need help with building a brand? Did you hit a plateau? Don’t know what further development strategy to choose? We will scrutinize your brand, analyse your business goals, the behaviour of your existing and potential customers and set up a direction that will bring results in cooperation with you.


We are the ideal partner who transforms your idea, business plan or product into results. Thanks to data and analytical tools, we will find out who your customers are, what is the potential of your product or service, and we will set up an effective campaign focused on the result. At the same time, our creative department prepares a tailor-made visual brand identity and provides creativity for further consistent communication. That is not the end of our work. We continue to monitor, analyse, improve, set up, target and deliver results.



Martin Hauptvogel

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Augustín

Board Member. Co-founder


Peter Bielčik

Chief Sales Officer

Sylvia Ondrušová

Client Director

Martina Bratová

Account Director

Juraj Kobza

TV Specialist


Matej Valdner 

Chief Operating Officer

Darina Kyselová

Chief Development Officer

Tomáš Kaminský

Chief Creative Officer

Ľubica Rosinová

Chief Marketing Officer

Jana Pazderová

Content Producer


MediaJet Group a.s.
Westend Plazza, Lamačská cesta 3/B, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovensko
Jáchymova 63/3, Josefov, 110 00 Praha 1, Česká republika

+421 2 32 10 17 17

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